last night was interesting.

I reread my current story yesterday, and also listened to it (because that’s how I do), and then when I was ready for bed — lights out and all — I got an idea of a note I should make to myself.

Because if if it’s not written down… Well, you know.

Anyway, I turned on the light, found my glasses, wrote down my thought, and got ready for sleep again.

Then I had another thought.

Light on again, glasses on (easier to find this time), note made.

Glasses off, light off. Another idea. Lights on, glasses on, etc.

After that, it was sleep time.

Been a while since the old wheels have been turning like that, though.

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2 Responses to last night was interesting.

  1. Maggie says:

    Nights like that I can count on one hand. But they are awesome when they come!

  2. I’ve had a few “aha!” moments recently. Mostly my mantra is “Write it down before you forget it!”

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