a series of extraordinary developments

A few extraordinary things happened the night before last, all precipitated by my decision that my Kindle was finally so dysfunctional that it needed to be sent in for repairs. As I indicated in my earlier post, it has never worked well. Turning itself on (and locking up in the process), turning itself off, eschewing Standby completely, crashing and losing my comments. No amount of Restarting and Resetting to Factory Defaults was fixing it.

So, I decided to call Amazon to find out what I had to do to send it in for repair or replacement, though I had the feeling that this would lead to my Kindle taking a series of trips back and forth across the country without being cured.

That's when the series of extraordinary developments began.

  1. Someone picked up the phone at the other end. No waiting, no time on hold, no annoying music, just a person.
  2. As soon as I explained the problems, he said, "I see that when you bought the Kindle you also bought the Black Leather Cover. That's the problem. We don't know why it makes Kindles do that, but it does. We don't sell it anymore."
  3. He said they would credit me the cost of the Black Leather Cover (which I was already discarding as he spoke).
  4. He also gave me an additional $25 credit, to cover the price difference between the Black Leather Cover and the Lighted Black Leather Cover, which doesn't cause the same problems.
  5. The Kindle has functioned perfectly ever since I freed it it from the clutches of the Black Leather Cover.

Now, for the moment at least, I don't feel so bad about all the money I've sent to amazon.com over the years.

Oh, and more of "The Mystery of the Other Patient" is posted (after being reviewed and edited on my suddenly-functional Kindle). The new parts begin here.

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