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No, I didn't forget to post this week. There were just too many possibilities, and I'm writing the wrap-up of "The Mystery of the Other Patient." That's coming soon.

Here are some other things I might have written about this week, but I didn't (at least not yet):

  • I was going to write something about my father. I've been planning this for a while, sort of a follow-up to this post. Then I realized Monday (the day before yesterday) would have been his birthday. I was drafting a blog post called "Ninety-Nine Years On," since he would have been ninety-nine years old this year. Then I realized that was actually next year (2011 minus 1913 doesn't actually equal 99), and that sort of took the wind out of my sails.
  • This (excellent) article.
  • This very interesting interview with Stanley Kubrick
  • The idea of marriage not being restricted to two people. That's been mentioned a few times in the mystery stories, and it is probably connected to the general way that The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress influences what I do, including Heinlein's invention of line marriage. It appears in the novels of Samuel R. Delany (also a huge influence) as well.
  • My comment on this blog post, where I referred to Daphne
  • My comment on this post on another blog, where I also referred to Daphne (and I mentioned her here as well).

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