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In this article, the writer makes the observation, "Writers train for one length or another." Roger Ebert made the same observation when writing about his book on Martin Scorsese (I'll try to find the link at some point). He said that when he writes a book it ends up being a series of newspaper columns, because that's the length that he's trained for.

I seem to be trained for novels. Even when I set out to write shorter pieces, they end up connecting with each other in ways that I hadn't anticipated. The biggest example being this: who knew that these mystery stories would also end up being the novel of how a couple turned into a family?

(Certainly not me.)

Anyway, there's more of "The Church Murder Case" posted.

Later: The Roger Ebert piece is here. It's the introduction to his book on Martin Scorsese. The part I mentioned is near the end.

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