Terry Nelson

This week’s featured character is Terry Nelson.

Perry Nelson, who has been mentioned before, is a very successful writer, even though still quite young. This is very frustrating for his step-sister Terry, since she has aspirations of being a writer as well, and she is quite a bit older than the child prodigy novelist.

She teaches school to make a living, but her spare time is mostly spent at the typewriter, with occasional visits to and from her long distance boyfriend Sam Little. He always advises her to relax, that she’s a good writer, too, even if she never gets to be as successful as Perry.

He continues to advise this, even though whenever they talk about it they usually end up in a fight. To Sam, his point of view is only rational. To Terry, it seems defeatist and condescending.

Tall, blonde, with straight hair to her shoulders. She wears glasses and is very thin. Sam considers her incredibly sexy. Some of Sam’s friends and family don’t really see this, but they are probably reacting to the fact that Terry’s personality can be somewhat acerbic.

Terry’s first appearance in A Sane Woman is near the beginning.

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