selected shorts

Just a few quick things.
  1. A friend posted this on Facebook: "Fan fiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of by the folk." (Henry Jenkins, director of media studies at MIT). I've never written any fan fiction, and I haven't read very much either, but I think there's something to this.
  2. In the News: "Lesbians Told They Can't Hold Hands at Gertrude Stein Exhibit"
  3. From the New Yorker: The Pope's Tweets
  4. I'm interested in learning more about e-publishing, from the author's point of view. How difficult is it, how many different formats do you have to have for different kinds of readers, how easy or difficult is the conversion process (and what formats can you convert from, are there options to proof after conversion? Given all the typos I see in e-books, more than conventional books, I'm worried that the conversion processes introduce errors. I know the different websites (Amazon, etc.) offer information, but each only offers info about their device, and (of course) they emphasize the easy parts and downplay the difficulties. So, I'm interested from an author's perspective. Thanks for any suggestions or info.

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