The new novel is as yet unnamed (I’ll think of one eventually, I promise), but it is far enough along for a beginning table of contents. And here it is:

The Nuclear Family (some glimpses of the Wasserman family)

Always Crashing in the Same Car (events leading up to, and on, election night in the small New England town of Ross)

The U-town Murder Case (Jan Sleet and Marshall solve a mystery – SarahBeth doesn’t appear in this one)

Jan Sleet’s Dream (pretty much what it says – includes more of the series, “The Ten Pillars of Modern Literature”)

A Visit to Perry (in which we meet the famous novelist, and his unwanted houseguest, again)

These sections are pretty much done (I still have to draw the floor plans for “The U-Town Murder Case”). Unlike the first two novels, the whole thing is being done in PHP, though with the more linear chapters, there is very little PHP being used (so far).

Some of it may be a bit difficult to follow if you have not already read the two novels which precede it, but give it a shot if you feel like it. Read it in the order given above (which is chronological, though the dream is recurring), or jump around. Each section is fairly self-contained and does not depend that much on the others. “The U-town Murder Case” is especially well-suited to being read all by itself.

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