Theresa Carbonieri (“T.C.”) lives in a small apartment, which she shares with her ex-husband Finch, David Little (Sam and Sarah’s brother), a table tennis fanatic named Nancy (though everyone knew her as “Nasty”) and anybody else she can manage to squeeze in, as long as they have the money to pay rent to her.

T.C.’s main occupations are smoking cigarettes, accumulating cash and drinking coffee. She also cooks, when the spirit moves her, and hosts the (more or less) weekly party known as “movie night.”

She first appears in A Sane Woman when she learns of Sarah Little’s mysterious new lover.

She first appears in U-town as she attempts to pry enough money out of her roommates to pay the rent. Before very long, she will have three new tenants, though it seems that she squeezed them in by renting out at least one bed which was not really hers to rent.

She does not appear in the new novel, so far, but her sister does.

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