stevie one, characters, structure, and a finished draft (not mine)

Four links today.

1. There's more of Stevie One posted. The new part starts here. We're now about halfway through Part 1. The rest is nearly done, so it should be posted soon.

I had a very familiar feeling this week while I was working on this. One quarter of Part 1 posted, the second quarter being tweaked and polished, the third quarter nearly ready to go, and the fourth quarter handwritten but not yet typed up or edited. Some of Part 2 is written, and a few scenes from later on, but other than that it's a mystery.

I'm always aware that other writers don't work this way (well, prose writers – TV and radio writers are used to it), but it seems very normal to me, maybe because I've been doing it for so long. After all, I started to write and publish A Sane Woman in those monthly chapbooks twenty-two years ago.

The main thing I'm working on that's a bit unusual for me is concision. I really don't want this to be too long, so I've already removed two scenes that I thought weren't necessary. And it helps that these are new characters, so I don't have to bring new readers up to speed on things. Of course, some familiar characters will be coming along later, including a certain well-dressed amateur detective.

2. I linked to Tiyana's first post about consistency, and now she's gone at another aspect of the question with an excellent post called, "Characters: Consistent Yet Fluid." This point applies to what I'm doing now, as I mentioned in the comments over there.

3. Another post that's been helpful to me is Jo's post, "Narrative Structure: Breathe In, Breathe Out." I don't think I'm going to start monitoring my breathing while I read, but the general point is important. When I was in bands, I realized that one thing which separated the worthwhile bands from the ones which had no hope was control of dynamics and tempo.

4. And Sonje finished the first draft of her novel!

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4 Responses to stevie one, characters, structure, and a finished draft (not mine)

  1. sonje says:

    Yeah I finished it! Go me! Unfortunately, now a massive period of editing is upon me as I fear I will be continuously going through all four books for the foreseeable future to make sure they are airtight in relationship to each other.

    I’m jealous of you and your new story. I’m trying not to undertake any new projects (see paragraph 1), but I’m not sure how long I can hold off!

  2. I remember editing U-town, which is 170,000 words, and that was a job, so I have some idea what you’re facing.

    Okay, I didn’t have a contract, so there were no deadlines but my own. And 170,000 is shorter than your books. So, not that similar after all.

    Well, if you’d like any beta reading help, let me know.

  3. tsbazelli says:

    In completely unrelated news, there’s an award for you on my blog 😉 Enjoy!

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