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A few quick links today.

1) Part Two of Stevie One was started a couple of days ago. It begins here.

2) Interesting article here about successful movie adaptations of "unadaptable" books. It was surprising how many of the movies I've seen, including some pretty good ones (and one masterpiece).

3) Laura Stanfill came up with a great idea for a post: Line of the Week.

4) One thing the Underworld and Resident Evil movies have in common which I didn't mention in my earlier post was that both are featured here: "Significant Others Directing One Another." I like the fact that so many of the couples apparently found working together to be a good experience. I didn't like the fact that it was always the man directing the woman. I thought maybe they'd overlooked Ida Lupino and Howard Duff. She directed a lot of movies, and they worked together quite often but (as far as I could determine from imdb.com) always as actors, not with her directing him.

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4 Responses to a few links and stuff

  1. I’m really enjoying Stevie One, Anthony! Are you writing each piece right before posting it? Your process is so interesting. And thanks for the shout out!

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. However, it’s always risky to ask me about my process, since I really like talking about it, and people ask so seldom. 🙂

    Part One was written pretty much as I was posting it, but I always knew where it was going (and where it was coming from — I know a lot about Stephanie’s background that hasn’t come out yet). There were also a couple of scenes I wrote but never posted. One was cut because it took us away from Stephanie’s POV, and it wasn’t really necessary. The other was cut because it introduced a character I decided to hold back for a while instead. The characters in Part One are all new (well, the girl at the bridge will be very familiar to regular readers).

    The end of Part Two was written first. Then I wrote the beginning, and now I’m figuring how long to make the middle. The characters were in a couple of earlier stories, but this is basically a re-do for them. I’ve always known what their story was, but it’s taken until now to figure out how to tell it right.

    After that, I have a general idea where it’s going, and a few scenes that I may or may not use. And some familiar characters will come in to solve the mystery, once there’s a mystery to solve.

  3. Fascinating! Any interest in writing a guest post for my blog about this topic? I’m especially curious about how you came to know Stephanie’s back story and the decision process you go through when deciding what to show and what to withhold until later chapters. It seems there are lessons that’d apply to any kind of fiction writing.

    If you’re interested, email me and we can figure out the details. The address is on my about page!

  4. Laura, I didn’t see an email address on the About page of your blog, but I had an email address for you already, so I sent it there. If you don’t get it, let me know.

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