storytelling lessons from all over

On one hand, obviously novels are different from video games, and movies are different from comic books, and so on.

But, on the other hand, all of these are different ways of telling stories, and there are lessons you can learn from one form to apply to others.

I've noticed that some different bloggers have drawn storytelling lessons from forms other than prose novels, and I thought it would be nice to collect them in one place.

First of all, my posts have mostly drawn lessons from movies:

Christine Zilka wrote a very interesting post about lessons she learned from participating in a performance art piece:

Jo Eberhardt has started a series about lessons writers can learn from roleplaying games:

Tiyana White wrote about what she learned from a video game:

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2 Responses to storytelling lessons from all over

  1. The only comment I have is that I agree that different storytelling media can still provide useful storytelling lessons for someone who’s writing.

  2. I think people do learn from other media, but they may not be conscious of it and may not seek it out. This is especially true for media which are less generally popular than movies and television. I never really knew how RPGs even work until I read Jo’s post, for example.

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