Frances Chan

Nothing is known about Frances’ life before she arrived in U-town, but she is a fixture there. She is the manager of The Quarter, one of the main bars and hangouts in the area, and everybody knows who she is. She is difficult to describe, though, since her hair color and skin color often change from day to day, depending on her mood.

Frances is very well informed about what goes on in U-town, people often drop by The Quarter just to find out the latest news from her.

She had a rather casual relationship with Philip Henshaw from the band Kingdom Come (until he met Jennifer Owens), or at least both of them insisted afterwards that it had been casual, though some of their more romantic friends think it may have been more serious than that. But, as I say, both of them deny this.

Frances does not appear in A Sane Woman. Her first appearance in U-town is in the second chapter, A World So Alive, where she is, as usual, finding out the latest news (in this case from Chet).

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