why is a good writing day like a turkey?

As I reported last time, I sat down on Thursday (a week ago Thursday, at this point) and wrote all of Part Six of Stevie One. Now, it's taken a lot of editing to get it ready for public display (plus the time to type it up in the first place), and a couple of additional sequences had to be added, but the basic story was all written in one session.

I posted the first third of Part Six last week, and this week I'm posting the second third (starting here). Next week I plan to post the rest.

So, why is this like a turkey? Well, you roast a turkey in one day, but then (unless you have a really big family) you have the carcass in the refrigerator for the next week, and you can make sandwiches, and soup, and so on, getting more and more good stuff from that one big day of cooking.

Damn, now I'm hungry.

Anyway, one time I was on jury duty for four weeks, and I wrote about two and a half stories over that time. It was all in a series of notebooks (they wouldn't let us have laptops – and I'm not sure I would have lugged one in every day anyway), and I worked from those notebooks for the next few months.

Have you ever had that happen? Either from something exterior (like being stuck on jury duty) or from just hitting a groove one day and not stopping?

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