Philip Henshaw

Philip Henshaw runs the band Kingdom Come. He sings and plays rhythm guitar, and he writes the music (the drummer, Carl, writes the words).

He lives with his girlfriend, Jennifer Owens, with whom he enjoys a very tempestuous relationship.

What is not generally known is that Henshaw had another life, under another name, with a wife and children and a good job. All of which he left apparently on impulse when he came to visit U-town and decided to stay.

On his first visit, he was mugged, though the mugging didn’t go as planned. Henshaw ignored the knives he was being threatened with and went after the men with his bare hands, beating them nearly to death. The police came eventually, and locked them all up.

In the holding cell, Henshaw met Pete and Carl, learned that Carl and Tom Drenkenson were thinking of forming a band. and Kingdom Come was formed.

Henshaw does not appear in A Sane Woman. His first appearance in U-town is in the chapter A World So Alive, where he is getting ready for Kingdom Come’s gig at The Quarter.

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