If you’re reading up to the minute (on the bleeding edge, so to speak), you may have noticed that, in Part 12 of the Return to U-town chapter, Jan Sleet makes a mention of whether or not her mother is good in bed (causing Vicki to go ewww), but this seems to come out of nowhere, since their mother’s sexual prowess has not been mentioned until that point.

Well, it was mentioned, actually, in Part 10, but that part was made invisible by an accidentally dropped quotation mark in my code. Sorry about that, especially since the missing line of dialogue was said by somebody I know (who is a lawyer but not, as far as I know, insane), and I’ve always wanted to use it.

Anyway, the missing paragraphs have been restored, so you can see them here.

In general, if you’re reading the most current chapters, there are little things which may be changed eventually. After I’m done with this novel (and I give it a name), I will go back and rewrite it and clean it up.

Interestingly, after all my talk about “circling around” a few entries ago, about showing things more than once, going back in the past and showing them again, I can tell pretty clearly that this novel will proceed entirely in chronological order. I have the next chapter mostly finished, and big parts of the next two written as well.

Two characters I’ve been writing about for years have just met for the first time, and they really hit it off. Which I didn’t expect, but once it happened, I could see why.

So, I know where things are going, but I have (as usual) no idea how they’re going to end.

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