um… forgot my anniversary :-)

So, even though I was thinking about it ahead of time, I completely missed my blog’s seven-year anniversary. Ooops.

Now I’ll definitely have to get a nice gift. Seventh anniversary gifts should be copper or wool, from what I read. Hmmm.

I know. What about a cunning hat? It’s made of wool, and it’s partly copper-colored.

a cunning hat, as worn by Jayne on Firefly
When you walk down the street in this hat, people know you’re not afraid of anything.

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6 Responses to um… forgot my anniversary :-)

  1. tsbazelli says:

    Happy blogoversary! 7 years is an eternity in internet time.

  2. Tiyana says:

    Cool, congratulations!

    Also, love the hat. 😉

  3. Jo Eberhardt says:

    Happy blogiversary!

    Sounds like the perfect excuse for a cunning hat. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the good wishes, all.

    Theresa: It always surprises me how long it’s been. Well, I’ve got a select and very interesting group of readers. That’s one reason it’s so much fun.

  5. Happy anniversary, a bit belatedly!

    If you need someone to knit you that hat, let me know. It may arrive in time for your eighth anniversary due to my overcommitted schedule at the moment, but that hat pattern was made to replicate Jaynes’ hat in Firefly, and I know where to get a copy of the pattern… in fact, my niece recently knit it for her boyfriend, who is now (apparently) an ex, and I believe she kept the hat for herself instead of gifting it.

    • Wow, what a nice offer. I’ll email you about that. And thanks for the anniversary wishes.

      My last girlfriend knitted me a hat and scarf combo. They were really nice, but she was always baffled that I wouldn’t wear them together. I’d only wear one or the other, because together they were a bit too adorable. 🙂

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