happy november!

Just a short post. No Internet access at home and no clear idea when it’s coming back, so posting may be sporadic (and perhaps rather unpolished) for a while.

I’ll be commenting on other blogs, but mostly only the ones my Kindle likes (it’s finicky).

A few quick November things:

1) The second Jan Sleet mystery is ready, all spiffed up and ready for company. It’s called “The Vampire Mystery,” and it’s located here:

I’m planning on posting one story a month until they’re done.

2) It’s November! Happy NaNo (to all those who are participating)!

3) As I’ve talked about before, I’m working (very slowly || idly || casually) on a new story. This may or may not be the beginning:

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2 Responses to happy november!

  1. sonje says:

    No internet access? Damn that Sandy! What a bitch!

    It’s still weird to me that the eye went right over Philadelphia but you guys north of us got slammed so much harder. I guess the eye gave us a rain break whereas you got it continuously? Or something like that?

    Anyway, I hope you’re all the way up and running very soon.

  2. The worst part here wasn’t the rain (Irene was worse, I gather) but the wind. Internet is still out. I’m writing this on my phone.

    I have an idea for my next post, but I will figure some way to write it that doesn’t involve my phone. 🙂

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