how portable are you?

A while back, I read an article about cell phone novels. I thought this was a somewhat odd idea, but I knew that the Japanese had (at that point – before the iPhone and Android had taken over the way they have now) more advanced cell phones than we had in the U. S.

Since then, I have got a smart phone of my own (purchased when Hurricane Sandy knocked out my Internet for 10 days), and I'm finding it's surprisingly useful for writing. Tapping on the little screen with my thumbs is in some ways more difficult than typing on a real keyboard, but there are two big advantages.

One is a predictive keyboard (I use SwiftKey). It suggests words as I type, but also it remembers what I type. For example, as soon as I typed "Hurricane Sandy" up there, it suggested the following seven words, because I had written them before. When I type "Les," it suggests "Miz" and "Miserables." For "Hugh" it used to suggest "Grant," but now it suggests "Jackman."

But the bigger advantage, though, is that my phone is small and it travels in my pocket. Which a real computer doesn't do.

Some people, I know, always do their writing in the same place, with the same computer, etc. Not me. I write wherever I am. Until now, that meant paper and pen (the most portable tools I knew of), but the phone is just as portable, and when I use it I don't have to spend all that time retyping later.

(I wrote quite a bit of the ending of Stevie One during an unsuccessful attempt to see Prometheus. Which was a good use of time, but then I had to type it into the computer later.)

I've already written several scenes for the beginning of my next story. Which will be coming soon, once the mystery stories are all re-posted.

So, how about you? Do you always write in the same place, or not?

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