missing entry/deleted scene

Hi. As you may have noticed, I didn’t post an entry last night. There were a couple of problems which had to be solved. One was that the entry I wanted to post was a deleted scene, much longer than the one I posted before, and it was apparently too long for WordPress to deal with.

Compounding this was the fact that I kept losing my internet connection. Eventually, I gave up, deciding to set up the deleted scene as a separate HTML file which I would link to from here. And then I decided to check for another dial-up number to call, and found that the number I was calling wasn’t listed anywhere on the ISP’s website. One disadvantage of not using the proprietary Windows software (since I’m not using Windows) is that I don’t get notifications when the dial-up numbers are changed.

So, I’ve updated the numbers and set up the file with the deleted scene, so all we need now is a small introduction.

In the original version of the Carly story, before it became part of U-town, Pete was among the group gathered in Duffy’s overnight, and it was he who went to the protest with her, not Nicky (who wasn’t there). Of course, being Pete, he thought about making a pass at her, but, unlike Nicky, he didn’t actually do anything about it.

That night, she came back to the apartment with him to sleep.

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