a fiend (missing), a store (located), a movie (to see), and les miserables (of course)

Lots of things to write about tonight.

1) I’m nearly ready to start a new story. Some time this week, I would guess. I’ll let you know, of course. 🙂

2) Hey, The Pyramid Waltz has a sequel, called For Want of a Fiend. I’ve just started it, but it’s good so far. I wrote about The Pyramid Waltz here. You can read about the new book here.

3) The comic book store I’ve patronized for the last three+ years has closed, but two of the employees from there have started their own store, Carmine Street Comics, located (of all places) on Carmine Street in Manhattan. It sounds like they’re going to be more indie-oriented than the old store, including an emphasis on mini-comics.

I was involved with the mini-comics scene some 20+ years ago, and in fact A Sane Woman was originally published in monthly chapbooks (an idea I originally got from the mini-comics people I was working with at that time).

Carmine Street Comics even has a place in their window where they will have artists creating comics on the spot. I met one of them, a very interesting artist named Ellen Stedfeld. And one of her books reminded me of this, one of my favorite webcomics, “Josh & Imp.’

4) I’ve got to say that, based on this and this, the new Iron Man movie sounds more and more like a must-see.

5) And, yes, I’m going to talk more about Les Miserables. 🙂

I saw this article, which contained this summary of the plot of the movie:

Gin and tonic. Man in prison for 19 years for stealing bread gets parole. Bloke in charge marks his card. Man steals from kind bishop. Bishop takes pity. Man’s life is changed. Ten years on. Man is mayor and factory owner. Factory lady exposed as having illegitimate child. Lady sacked and becomes prostitute. Lady dies. Man’s life is changed. Man buys lady’s daughter from comedy bar owners. 10 years on. Boy falls in love with daughter. Revolution in air. Girl dressed as boy brings letter from first boy professing undying love for daughter. Man reads it. Man’s life is changed. Interval. Revolution. Many die. Boy marries daughter. Man leaves. Comedy bar owners return. Make boy realise man saved his life. Man led to heaven by factory lady and girl who was dressed as boy. Finale.

See, plotting isn’t the most important thing. It’s what you do with it that counts. 🙂

And, yes, the Cinema Sins people have taken on Les Miz:

And, fond as I am of the movie, they make some very good points.

  • Movie only waits three minutes to start in with the Jesus imagery.
  • No one helps the mayor lift this fucking cart off this poor bastard?
  • And, yes, to Marius: Forget the super hot brunette, this random blonde girl is way hotter.
  • And re: Cosette: This dude still wants her even after hearing her sing(!)
  • Plus the fact that both Fantine and Valjean die without (apparently) dying from anything specific.
  • And, of course, “itinery”? 🙂
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