two days in one

Father’s Day seems to be getting more play, but today is Bloomsday!

As usual it sneaked up on me, and as usual it made me think of the influence of James Joyce, and specifically Ulysses, on what I do.

The influence is strong, but mostly indirect. Joyce was not a big influence on my writing, but he was a huge influence on Samuel R. Delany (the author of Dhalgren and Triton) and William Burroughs, for two examples. And they are probably the two biggest influences on my writing (at least the two most influential writers). Their writing is very different, but neither would have done what he did if Joyce hadn’t come first.

It’s also Father’s Day, as you may have heard. I wrote about my father here.

Oh, and I can’t resist plugging my new story again, because it just happens to show the great detective, Jan Sleet, investigating a murder with (of all people) her father. And more has just been posted.

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