fweep! (happy new year!)

Happy new year to everybody!

As you can see (unless you’re visiting on a mobile device), I did switch the theme. After 548 posts, I thought it was time (maybe past time) for a change.

The transition required some fiddling (I had forgotten how much I had customized the old theme), but I think it’s pretty much adapted. If anything weird comes up, let me know.

I do like that the menu up top there now has drop-down menus that list the Jan Sleet mysteries, and the parts of my work-in-progress.

Speaking of which, I’m happy with how the new story is coming together. As I’ve said before, I’m on my third option for the detective to solve this, and I know now what the solution is and how it will be discovered.

It’s interesting to write, coming after Stevie One. That was so tightly constructed (there are really only about six major characters – this story already has at least twice that) that it’s fun to loosen up for a change. I’m a little worried that at the end I will forget about somebody important, as happened in the movie Go.

Anyway, happy new year!

Later: As I was working on the blog changes and writing this post, I was watching the DVD of Les Miserables (the movie), and, entirely without planning, it’s ended exactly at midnight.

I’ve decided to consider this a good omen for 2014.

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