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I got this from Maggie over a Maggie Madly Writing. I don’t usually do these (character interviews), but it appealed to me to interview the characters who appear in the final chapter of my current story.

1) Pick 2-5 of your original characters.
2) Don’t change the questions.
3) Let your characters answer, not you.
4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme. (I’m not tagging anyone, so if you want to do the meme, feel free to copy and paste.)
5) Have fun!
1. Katherine diGregorio
2. Angel Valentine
3. Alexandra Ross
4. Stephanie Monroe


1. Welcome! Now, who are you (name, gender), how old are you, and what species are you?

Katherine: Katherine diGregorio. I’m female, forty-two years old. Human.

Angel: Angel Valentine, and let’s just say that I’m old enough.

Alex: Alexandra Ross. That’s not the last name I was born with, but I’m not going to talk about that. I’m forty-two also. I don’t know my age for a fact, but if Katherine is forty-two then so am I, because I know we’re the same age. As is Angel.

[Angel makes a face]

Stephanie: Stephanie Ann Monroe. I’m eighteen years old, and I’m a girl.

2. Describe how you look like now.

Katherine: [laughs] I look like someone who doesn’t give a damn what she looks like. Five-seven. Some scars. No makeup. My hair’s dirty blonde, usually in more ways than one. I hack it off whenever it starts to get in my way.

Angel: I’m around six feet tall, with pale skin and long, white hair. I never wear makeup or jewelry.

Alex: Tall, short hair, going gray. Also, “how you look like now” is awkward. It would be better to say “what you look like now” or “how you look now.” In addition, the word “now” is probably not necessary.

Stephanie: I’m pretty athletic looking, I guess. I work out a lot. My hair is blonde and short.

3. Good, good! Now let’s see, why do you think you were created? What do you think your creator’s inspiration was for you?

Katherine: I’m not religious.

Angel: To be magnificent.

Alex: Existence precedes essence.

Stephanie: I don’t go to church anymore. I think sometimes that I should, but then I think about the way–

[Angel clears her throat.]

Stephanie: Okay. Sorry.

4. Oh, I understand! So are you looking for a relationship?

Katherine: I already have one. My boyfriend, Pete, is a musician. He’s far from perfect, but he’s pretty perfect for me. I’ve heard people say that they come with a lot of baggage in a relationship, but I come with more. And he’s okay with that.

Angel: I have a fella, but it’s not like we’re about to get married or anything.

Alex: Not involved and not looking.

Stephanie: That’s me, too. Not involved and not looking.

5. Interesting… so what is your purpose as a character in this world?

Katherine: I try to be a better person, one day at a time, or at least not to kill anybody unnecessarily.

Alex: To mind my own business.

Stephanie: To help people. To be useful. To set a good example and treat people fairly.

6. Awesome! Now how would you describe yourself?

Katherine: I have impulse control issues, probably related to a…

Tammy [interrupts]: I’m an attorney, and a very successful one. In answer to your earlier question, I’m not in a relationship right now; men find me intimidating because I’m very successful in my career, and I’m fantastic in bed–

[Alex and Stephanie speak at once]
Alex: I think I may have an impulse control issue of my own in a minute.
Stephanie: I’m someone who’s trying to be useful. Also, where did Angel go, and why is Tammy here?

Katherine: I think we should all remain calm.

Angel: I’m back. Did I miss anything?

7. Now, how would your friends describe you?

Katherine: I really don’t know. Whatever they think, I imagine they’d be reluctant to say it to my face.

Angel: That elegant creature who lives in that shabby little house.

Alex: I guess I’m with Katherine – I have no idea.

Stephanie: Well, I only have one good friend – Priscilla – and she thinks I’m crazy. [laughs]

8. Do you have any abilities?

Katherine: Survival. Everything considered, being forty-two years old and not being dead – that took some skill.

Angel: No abilities that would be appropriate to discuss in a family publication. [winks]

Alex: The question is asinine. Everybody has abilities.

Stephanie: I’m trained in hand-to-hand combat, open-hand and closed-fist, and I’m a good shot with a pistol or a rifle.

9. OK, so do you hate anyone or a certain thing?

Katherine: No, no one and nothing.

Angel: There are various things that annoy me (quite a few, now that I think about it), but nothing I hate.

Alex: No, nothing. I hated my ex-husband once, but that didn’t accomplish anything positive.

Stephanie: Hate? No, nothing.

10. Enough of hate, how about love? Do you love anyone or something?

Katherine: I love my boyfriend, Pete. [shrugs] We’re not all mushy or anything – we almost never talk about love. But when you have it, you don’t have to talk about it every five minutes. And I guess I love my dog.

Angel: My daughters, I suppose.

Alex: Quiet. Solitude. Time to think.

Stephanie: Angel, “daughters”? Plural?

Angel: Never mind, child. Forget I even said it.

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