the secret return of the secret six?

A little more comic book geekery, I’m afraid.

The article I linked to last time also mentioned Secret Six, which was my favorite comic book until DC Comics decided to reboot their entire comic line a while back.

The Secret Six were a team of super villains (mostly pretty much second string). They hired themselves out for various nefarious activities, mostly trying to pretend that they weren’t becoming friends (and also occasionally trying to kill each other).

They had a tendency to be hired by people engaged in enterprises that even they found they couldn’t stomach (human trafficking and slavery, for example). That was one reason the book worked: the fact that they tried to live according to some sort of code, though they often had a lot of trouble agreeing on what that code should be — along with the fact that, while the stories were often wickedly funny, the characters never became a joke. To the extent that they weren’t first string, it was mostly because they weren’t quite rotten enough (much as they tried to convince everybody otherwise).

Since the reboot (the “New 52”), I’ve been wondering if the Secret Six would reappear in some form. There hasn’t been any buzz about it (unlike the return of the wonderful Stephanie Brown, for example, which was widely reported months before it actually happened), but then:

This month’s issue of Batgirl features Ragdoll, who was one of the members of the Secret Six. Typically, he’s been hired to do something apparently awful (terrorizing two environmental activists to death) which turns out to be very different and not anywhere near as evil, but in the middle he calls the person who apparently arranged the contract. He doesn’t mention a name, but he closes the call by saying, “Give my love to your wives.”

There’s only one person Ragdoll knows who has two wives — his Secret Six teammate Scandal Savage.

I have a definite “We’re getting the band back together” feeling about this. 🙂

By the way, if you don’t read comics and want some sort of analogy for the general vibe of the book, think of a nastier and kinkier version of Firefly and Serenity.

And, very specifically, I wonder if Jayne Cobb was somewhat based on Deadshot, since they have similar personalities and fulfill similar roles on their teams.

Anyway, as with Firefly, we hope endlessly for the Secret Six to reappear, someday, somehow, in some form.

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