revisiting a sane woman

I’m rereading A Sane Woman (my first novel). I haven’t read it in a while, so I’ve been surprised by a few things.

It’s funnier than I remembered. Not all the way through — some parts are quite serious — but I laughed more than I expected to.

Punctuation was not my strong suit back then. Sigh. I’ll say no more about that.

There were a few continuity glitches (not within the book, but in relation to everything that’s come since). Oh, well. That’s going to happen when you write serial fiction about the same world for almost a quarter of a century.

I found four typos, and I fixed them in the HTML version (typos always get fixed, even though the book is officially finished).

But here’s my favorite thing I found — my favorite because I hadn’t really thought about it before:

There’s a teenage girl, shy, awkward and bookish, living in a small town. There’s also a tough guy, a rather alienated and possibly violent boy from the wrong side of the tracks. They become friends, and later lovers.

And they don’t end up together! They are together, briefly, and then they both move on!

You know, like happens in life. Almost never in fiction, obviously, but all the time in the real world.

I wasn’t setting out to go right up against the romantic novel cliches, but it pleases me no end that I did.

A Sane Woman is available in print here, and in an HTML file (specially formatted for e-readers as well as screens) here.

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