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No regular entry tonight. It’s after midnight, and I just got in from seeing Poco in concert.

At some point this week I’ll summarize the IM chat my friend Cyndi and I had while she was reading the Live Through This chapter of U-town, but not now.

I’ve posted a couple more parts of the current chapter, Distance and Time. At some point, I need to decide if it’s “and” or an ampersand, or maybe I won’t (after all, I’m not strict about whether “U-town” has a hyphen or not, my theory being that, with new things and new words, there’s sometimes a few different spellings). Anyway, there is a second medical exam (after Katherine’s, and somewhat more contentious than that one was).

So, more coming, and meanwhile here’s the post about the concert that I made on the poconut.com web page:

Just got home. Made good time, and got to listen to the Mets beat the Yankees as I drove (and the game didn’t end until I was passing Shea, so no post-game traffic for me).

Here’s the setlist, from my notes (Corey caught them all in the other thread, but a couple of small differences of sequence):

Under the Gun
Save a Corner of Your Heart for Me
Call it Love
Rose of Cimmaron
Indian Summer
Shake it
If Your Heart Needs a Hand
Keep on Tryin’
Crazy Love
Hard Country (Jack solo)
Bad Weather
Pickin’ up the Pieces
Heart of the Night
Good Feelin’ to Know
If I Needed Someone

Jack got a big hand for Hard Country, which was nice (and deserved). Rusty got applause for his (terrific) solo in Magnolia. As hzryb mentioned, they closed the set with the two New Orleans songs, and Paul dedicated HOTN to the people of New Orleans. And thanks to hzryb for naming the Randy Newman song they quoted in Magnolia (“Louisiana 1927”). I remember the song but would have had to use google to get the name of it.

Terrific evening. I wasn’t crazy about Firefall, but Pure Prairie League were really good, and it was cool that Poco did some songs that they didn’t do at BB King’s (Magnolia, Hard Country).

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