something always good to remember…

I was just reading an interview with Bob Dylan in AARP The Magazine. It’s the only interview he’s doing for his new album, Shadows in the Night, an album of standards from the “Great American Songbook.” And all the songs were recorded at one point or another by Frank Sinatra.

He’s asked if he thinks the album is risky, because he’s following behind Sinatra.

“Risky? Like walking across a field laced with land mines? Or working in a poison gas factory? There’s nothing risky about making records.”

This is always good to remember. As Andy Warhol said: “[I]f you say that artists take ‘risks’ it’s insulting to the men who landed on D-Day, to stuntmen, to baby-sitters, to Evel Knievel, to stepdaughters, to coal miners, and to hitch-hikers, because they’re the ones who really know what ‘risks’ are.”

I had another post I was working on, and that wil be coming soon, but this really struck me.

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  1. Maggie says:

    I agree. There’s always that risk of the artist losing his reputation if his album turns out to be a flop, but what a lesser risk that is compared with people who go to war or donate a kidney…

  2. Anyway, every great artist has failures and flops. Robert Altman made a few movies where even I, crazed fan that I am, have no idea what he was trying to do. As he said in answer to similar questions: “How do I deal with that? I make another movie.”

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