seven sentence sunday #5: return to u-town

So, not Sunday, and not seven sentences, and no sex this time around. But it’s always fun when Jan Sleet quotes Sherlock Holmes:

In the morning, SarahBeth was the last one up. She came out of Perry’s bedroom when the others were already eating breakfast. Her hair was tied back and she was dressed simply in a T-shirt and jeans.

She came up and put a hand on Perry’s shoulder. “Perry, I think we should go back to U-town. We really didn’t give it a fair chance. I’m going, and I hope you’ll come with me. But I think I’m going anyway.” Vicki kicked her in the ankle. “I’m going anyway,” she finished, “and I would really like it if you’d come with me.”

Perry looked up at her for a moment, then put his hand on top of hers as he turned to the others.

“My non-monogamous, underage, incestuous, lesbian girlfriend and I would love to come,” he said, holding her hand firmly as she tried to pull it away.

Jan Sleet, smiling, raised her mug in a kind of salute. “Perry,” she said, “you’re developing a certain unexpected vein of pawky humor. We’ll have to start being more careful around you.”

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