distance, time, randi and alex

First of all, the Distance and Time chapter is done. If you’ve read the earlier parts, you can pick it up at the theater here. If you want the whole chapter in one file, for example if you’re going to print it, you can get it here.

In other news, I mentioned to a reader that Randi’s name is partly a nod to The Amazing Randi, a stage magician who devotes considerable attention to debunking psychics, ghosts and other fake paranormal phenomena. I liked the idea of Randi sharing his name, since he would work pretty hard to disprove her existance, which would amuse her.

I also mentioned that, outside of Randi, I keep the other paranormal (superhuman) abilities to the possible (Vicki) or the ambiguous (Alex). When Alex changes, is it a literal transformation (body, hair, clothes), which would pretty much violate the laws of nature, or is it that she makes people see what she wants them to see? Pete will start to wonder about this (he’s very analytical about these sorts of things), specifically speculating about what a photograph would show. Would it show Alex, no matter what, or would it show what the people around her see?

(I don’t know if he’ll get a chance to find out, but I suspect it’s the latter, since we know she has tremendous powers of persuasion.)

In A Sane Woman, of course, the story is told within the frame of “natural reality” (where we all live), so Alex’s transformations happen off-stage.

In the next chapter, some of these questions are discussed, as the characters all drink and socialize (and gossip).

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