As promised, here’s my new story, “Michael.” I tried to think of a snappier title, but couldn’t come up with one. This is either a lack of imagination on my part, or it reflects the fact that “Michael” is actually the best title. Or possibly a combination of the two.

Because, more than a lot of my stuff, this is one person’s story. Stevie One was one person’s story, too, but there were chapters where Stevie barely appeared, and major events in the story that she never found out about.

This is Michael’s story. I even did some research (which I don’t usually do) in order to tell it.

When we meet Michael, he’s in college, unpopular, classified as a “freak,” and with a huge crush on a girl in one of his classes. Well, she turns out to be more approachable than he’d imagined, but “approachable” doesn’t mean “normal,” and then he meets the people she lives with, and then there’s a mystery, and, of course, a certain tall, well-dressed amateur detective appears to put things right.

The story starts here. You can download the entire story in one HTML file, formatted to work well in e-readers, here.

Hope you like it.

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