how we challenge and how we measure

I saw this interesting post over at Pages of Julia. She has a great quote from Annie Dillard about how long it takes most people to write a book.

(It made me think about Walter Gibson, who wrote the Shadow pulp novels. He wrote one novel every two weeks. For years. The rest of us shouldn’t even think about trying this.)

I then mentioned this in a comment over at Kristan’s blog, intending to write a blog post about it.

But I found that there isn’t really a blog post there — just a sentence:

The things we look at to challenge ourselves should not be the ones we look at to measure ourselves.

I think that stands alone, actually.

So, here are some other links worth checking out.

Klaus Ming just reviewed X-Men: Days of Future Past, and he made some good points.

It is striking how great the cast is in this movie. It’s an ensemble movie, but I think what’s often overlooked is how good Hugh Jackman is. I didn’t really appreciate how good he is until I saw him in some other roles.

I’ve been watching the extended version (the “Rogue Cut”) and it’s worth seeing if you’re a fan. Some of the added material is unnecessary, but some of it, particularly the parts with Rogue herself, is definitely a plus. It’s funny to remember now, but Logan and Rogue were at the center of the first movie, all the way through, and this movie recalls that friendship nicely.

Brian Buckley has started a very interesting project, reading through the Bible.

Meanwhile, Bryna over at The Everyday Epic is working her way through The Silmarillion

Both projects have been interesting to follow, though certainly more ambitious than anything I would attempt. When I have really ambitious ideas for series of posts on the blog, I usually wander off halfway through to do something else instead. So, I admire bloggers who are more disciplined — particularly if what they’re doing is really interesting.

Plus, one of those two books contains my all-time favorite creation story. 🙂

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