you should probably stand up to read this…

…because I’m going to talk about the queen.

I enjoyed reading this, probably more than I should have: “Queen Elizabeth Points Out Downton Abbey Mistakes For Fun

As I’ve said before, I enjoy some of the “CinemaSins” videos on YouTube, and now I’m envisioning Queen Elizabeth doing much the same, sitting in a comfortable chair in Buckingham Palace (or Balmoral Castle, or wherever), watching Downton Abbey and ringing a small bell whenever she sees an error, at which point a scribe will make a note of the details, probably using a quill pen.

This is the sort of thing that you think about when you’re writing a story about royalty. 🙂

Meanwhile, going from a queen to a princess, I liked the way this was handled: “Wonder Woman Endorses Marriage Equality

After all, she does come from a country that’s all women. What did Clark expect? 🙂

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2 Responses to you should probably stand up to read this…

  1. SB Roberts says:

    Ha, ha! My husband and I discovered CinemaSins a couple of years ago. I find it amusing, even when I haven’t seen the movie. 🙂

  2. The thing I like is that they’re so cheerfully arbitrary — obviously far more interested in being funny than in being definitive. One time they dinged a kitchen set because the paper towel was “the wrong way” on the dispenser (“and I hate that!”).

    And they miss obvious stuff, too. I was going to point out one omission in YouTube once, but, considering the general level of commenting on YouTube, I decided I didn’t want to be seen in that company. 🙂

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