the pleasures of vacation

1) Watching Moonrise Kingdom on Cape Cod — when the movie so reminded me of Cape Cod. And I hadn’t seen it in quite a while, so double the pleasure.

2) Broiled scallops.

3) Not bothering with a car, but walking a lot, in some familiar (and some unfamiliar) places.

4) My generation of the family is now the oldest. That’s weird. (This isn’t a “pleasure,” actually — just an observation.)

5) Fried scallops. (Memo to self: The broiled scallops are better, although for some reason you don’t get as many of them.)

6) I brought a special stand for my phone, so I could have it at a good angle while I typed on my Bluetooth keyboard, and then I forget to pack the stand, but then I realized that the keyboard case itself is a stand (which I’d never realized in all the months that I’d owned the keyboard).

7) Making all sorts of plans to take various boats here and there, and then not carrying out any of them.

8) My room at the B&B had an enormous flat-screen TV, which I didn’t turn on once. That was a pleasure.

9) My mantra became: “Less doing, more being.”

10) I was walking down the street one day, around dusk, and a woman was walking some distance ahead of me. A wonderful breeze came up off the water, and she spread her arms wide and threw her head back as she walked.

Yes, I thought, that.

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