ipads, beatrix, and our friend janet

I was interested in this story from The Washington Post: “I gave my students iPads — then wished I could take them back

Some of the resistance to digital devices seems to involve a certain amount of nostalgic fetishism (I’m always leery when people go on and on about the smell and touch of books — those things a tiny bit tangential to what books are actually for). But I do agree that it’s troubling to think about what a generation raised to interact with machines more successfully than people will be like.

I’m glad I don’t have kids (though of course if I did they’d probably be in their thirties by now anyway 🙂 ).

I guess my ambivalence is reflected in the fact that pretty much everything I write these days is written on mobile devices, and all of it is about a world where none of these gadgets exist.

Well, I guess it’s no surprise that when I read this: “Kill Bill 3 rumors awaken suddenly, begin preparing death list,” I was immediately very impatient to see the final product.

When my mother was in the nursing home, I would pick articles that I knew she’d like, print them out (18pt type — her eyes were bad), and bring them to her. Even now, a little bell rings in my head when I see the right kind of article.

I can’t bring this one to her, obviously, but she’d have got a kick out of it, so here it is: “Gothamite on a First-Name Basis With Her Era, Dies at 101

(So, is the KIll Bill movie out yet?)

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