today in voice input

So, I was going to work this morning, and I ended up stepping in an unexpected puddle. I hoped my socks would stay dry (I hate spending the day with wet socks — I’m sure this is not unusual).

Then I had a thought. I have a drawer at work, and I could leave a pair of dry socks there for emergencies. And I knew I needed to make a note or I’d never remember.

When I’m walking around, the easiest way to make quick notes is by using voice input on my phone. I say it and the phone writes it. So, I took out the phone and said, slowly and clearly, “Socks to work.”

Then I glanced at the screen and it said, “Sucks to work.”


I was tempted to say, “You’re a phone — how would you know?” But I was a little leery about what might happen next, so I didn’t.

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