a new chapter (complete)

Another brief update. The newest chapter, Undertown, is done. The regular version is here, the version with the whole chapter in one file is here. If you’ve read what was posted before and want to jump to where we find out what’s at the bottom of that ladder, you can go here.

Also, the fancy coding for In the Hotel Bar is done, so you can now read that in parts also, as well as all in one file. This is also true of the longer version, for people who have read the previous two novels.

I’m working on the new chapter, which as I say may be called Absolute Beginners, and I should explain that the title is a reference to the David Bowie song, not to the movie, which I’ve never seen. I do realize that the two are pretty closely connected, however, since both the song and Bowie himself appear in the movie, so I guess I should see it.

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