i find television confusing

I haven’t watched television in — as far as I can remember — twenty years. Something around that anyway.

I own a TV set — an old one, not the modern flat kind — and it’s started to develop problems. I use it to watch DVDs, and now there are a couple of areas of the screen where the colors are off.

(Sometimes I do watch TV shows on DVD, mostly Firefly, Nero Wolfe, and Ellery Queen.)

So, time to replace the set, right? But the problem is that TVs have got a lot more complex since the last time I bought one. There are all sorts of different connectors now (I don’t even know what HDMI is, and apparently it’s already passe). There are also various ways to get video from a tablet to a TV set, and I don’t understand any of them.

Plus, TVs mostly seem to be monstrously huge now. I really don’t want to have a TV that’s going to be the biggest thing in the room.

But mainly I don’t want to have to devote a lot of time and brain power to learning about a damn TV set. I think that, for now, I’ll tolerate the color problem (at least until it gets worse…). And for the movies I have on my tablet, I’ll survive without “throwing” the video to a larger screen.

I enjoy learning technical stuff, when the subject is something I’m actually interested in. TV, not so much.

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