seven lines challenge

A few weeks ago, Maggie over at Maggie Madly Writing tagged me with the Seven Lines Challenge. It’s taken a while (obviously) for me to figure out what to post, but here it is.

You’re supposed to “go to page 7 of your WiP, count down 7 lines, share 7 lines or sentences, and then tag 7 other writers.”

Well, pages and lines are sort of hard to figure when you write in various scraps of text files for the web, but I did the best I could.

This is from a story which is definitely not called “Providence” (but that’s what I’ve been calling it in private 🙂 ).

There was a pause, and then most of the others went outside after Stephanie — perhaps having calculated that they would still be under the overhang and protected from at least some of the rain.

The bus, the only one parked on that side of the station building, was silent and dark, and there was no sign of Stephanie.

For some reason, Anita went around to the far side of the bus, and something about her reaction made the others follow.

There, obviously getting soaked to the skin, Stephanie was clinging to the side of the bus, her hands gripping a lip above the windows, and her feet supported, at least somewhat, by some decorative grooves in the metal.

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