anniversaries, and small screens

I started this blog on August 21, 2005, so that’s eleven freakin’ years ago. 741 posts.

Well, one more now.

Hey, pretty cool.

I know I missed the actual anniversary, but I missed it by less than usual. I think last year I missed it completely, and that was the tenth anniversary.

Oh, well.

cellphones and novels

On another subject, I’ve realized that the problem with doing a lot of writing on a phone, at least for me, is not the keyboard. Practice helps with that.

What practice won’t help with is the size of the screen.

In general, other than jotting down a few notes, my phone doesn’t show me enough for me to write more. A tablet does, even a small one, but not a phone.

It was helpful to figure that out. It may be different for other people, but everybody has to figure out what works for them.

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