it never occurs to me to take pictures.

My vacation this year was very similar to last year’s (which was deliberate), so I’ll refer you back to that blog post and then list some differences.

1) Boats. I did get out on a boat this year — a boat that takes people on a tour of the area, featuring various lighthouses and their histories. Plus, of course, the Kennedy Compound — because everybody who goes to Cape Cod wants to see that.

And these days there’s a new excitement about the Kennedy Compound, because Taylor Swift was dating a Kennedy for a few months recently, during which time she bought a house next to the compound (for $5 million), which she then sold (for $6 million) after the romance ended.

(Our tour guide was a realtor, so property values were referred to here and there in the tour. But real estate is always better when Taylor Swift is involved. 🙂 )

I didn’t take any photos on the tour though, because, as usual, it didn’t even occur to me. A group of people on the boat asked me to take their picture — leading to me backing up on the (small, very small) prow of the boat, trying to get all four of them into the shot, while trying to figure out which button to press to make the camera work, while reflecting that someone falling off a boat while backing up to take a photograph might be amusing if it was in a movie — but it would probably be less so in real life.

I did get the shot, though, without falling into the water. And, of all things, I took some photographs of my own, though not of anything picturesque or historic — they were reference photos for a story I’m working on.

2) Food. This year I had the broiled scallops twice and skipped the fried scallops. Which was a good decision.

The unexpected treat, though, was when I had crab cakes, and, in true New England style, they came with baked beans and brown bread.

Brown bread!

I had forgotten that brown bread even existed, and I hadn’t had it since I was young. And it was really good — as good as I remembered.

That isn’t always true of things you remember from childhood.

3) Movies. I didn’t watch Moonrise Kingdom this year, but I did see Suicide Squad. It’s not a great movie, as you may have heard, but it is fun and kind of interesting to analyze. Plus, I felt virtuous about seeing it, since I had to walk over three and a half miles to the theater from the place where I was staying.

I took a cab back, though.

4) My mantra was still: “Less doing, more being.” Plus walking.

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