i’m really kind of sick of ‘hallelujah’

When I think about the late Leonard Cohen, there are many songs that come to mind, quite a few of which I listen to on a regular basis, but “Hallelujah,” mentioned in every article I’ve read about his death as if it was his crowning achievement, isn’t one of them. But that’s fine. He wrote a lot of songs, and quite a few were great.

Three which I don’t listen to that often, though they are great, are the three which were used in McCabe & Mrs. Miller.

As I wrote in my review:

The soundtrack consists of three songs from Leonard Cohen’s first album (“The Stranger Song,” “Winter Lady,” and “Sisters of Mercy”), and they weave through the action of the film so beautifully that if I hear even a fragment of any of them I immediately begin seeing the movie in my head. I don’t think it’s possible to use music more effectively in a movie.

Sometimes, like when I’m at work, it’s inconvenient to have my favorite movie start to play before my eyes, blocking my view of my monitor. That’s why I don’t listen to those three as often as some of the others.

But it is nice that others have noticed: “Leonard Cohen’s Folk Ballads Defined The Great ‘McCabe & Mrs. Miller’

Sean O’Neal, senior editor of the AV Club (more generally known for articles with headlines like “Lindsay Lohan to let world decide what the hell to call her new accent” and “Bono to finally be recognized as a Woman of the Year” and “Mel Gibson has never discriminated against anyone, says Mel Gibson”) decided to get serious about heroin addiction (his), urges toward suicide (his), and Leonard Cohen: “Dancing to the end with Leonard Cohen“.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever linked to an article that I couldn’t make myself read all the way through. So, be warned. Your mileage may vary.

But I guess the question is, in reading it, however much of it you can bear to read, is there any other songwriter, other than Cohen, about whom this could have been written?

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