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I was inspired by Brian Buckley’s post about the research he’s done for his work-in-progress Crane Girl, so I decided to post about all the research I’ve done over the years:

1) I picked two last names out of the phone book (Stiglianese and DiGregirio).

2) I looked up something about poisons on Wikipedia.

3) I read two articles about gender dysphoria.

4) I looked at some floor plans of Episcopal churches.

5) I watched two people on a Tori Amos email list argue about multiple personalities (disorder? not a disorder?). Well, okay, that wasn’t really research — that was more something I was seeing that gave me an idea. Similar to my “research” on royal rules of succession.

Okay. Real research….

I refer to the Chicago Manual of Style a lot — does that count? I did a lot of research on the question of “different from” vs. “different than” vs. “different to.” And there was the research on gerunds, and proper adjectives…

(When I was in college, I managed to go through my first three years without ever setting foot in the library. They got me in my final year, though. I don’t remember what I had to research, but I think it was something to do with psychology.

Of course, I very much like the idea of libraries, and I think it’s very important that there be libraries, it’s just that, apparently, I don’t enjoy actually being in libraries.)

Anyway, that last part was just vamping while I was trying to think of other (not grammar related) research that I have done for my writing. I’m not remembering any. If I think of anything, I will add it here:

(Good thing I remembered that part about the churches at the last minute.)

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