i’ve never had a bucket list

I’ve never had any desire to have a “bucket list,”, but this article caught my eye: “The 99-year-old who threw herself in prison – and other strange bucket list requests.”

But this is the part that really intrigued me:

Last month, a teenage girl from Ohio with terminal leukemia got her wish to shoot someone with a Taser. Alyssa Elkins fired the electrified barbs into the back of Sgt Doug Bline of the Newark police department. “I don’t like inflicting pain on people, I didn’t know it was going to be that painful,” she said as the officer collapsed in a contorted heap. She then shot her uncle before calling it a day.

Wait a minute. She got her wish to fire a Taser at somebody, found out that it was apparently more painful than she’d expected, and then, after discovering how painful it really was, she shot her uncle.

That makes me wonder…

And, on a completely different subject, there’s this:

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