what’s your hurry?

I’ve been thinking about Twin Peaks.

I gather it’s coming back to TV at some point, with David Lynch, and with a lot of the original cast.

I have no idea if this is a good idea, and I have no idea if I’ll see it. But it’s made me think back to the original run of the show.

It was one of those moments when something actually weird became a mass phenomenon, as if the number one movie on a summer weekend was an adaptation of a novel by William Burroughs.

I may go back and watch some of the episodes again (I really want to see the one directed by Diane Keaton — I remember it as the highlight of the second season, which had few highlights).

But the most immediate thing that came out of this for me — remembering the pace of the show, back when TV happened when it was damn well ready to happen, long before “binge-watching” was possible — was that I made a big note to myself about my current story:

“Don’t rush this. Remember Twin Peaks.”

(Which is not to imply that the episodes will be coming more slowly — if that’s even possible — but that there will almost certainly be more of them than I was planning on.)

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