new language thing! 

I’ve been reading some articles about Game of Thrones recently, though I’ve never read any of the books or seen any episodes of the TV show.

It’s apparently a very complex universe, but it seems to be easier to follow things now, at least in my casual way, because so many of the characters are dead at this point.

(There’s one point that caught my attention recently, given my interest in royal rules of succession: your legal parentage can determine your right to a throne, but it’s your blood, your actual parentage, that may affect whether you can ride a dragon.)

But it was when reading the comments on an AV Club article about Game of Thrones, that I came upon this:

The stress or accent on a word usually varies in a consistent way depending on whether it’s being used as a noun or a verb:

Noun: INcrease “There’s been an increase in the number of students.”
Verb: inCREASE “Numbers are increasing.”

Noun: DIScount “Is there a discount on this?”
Verb: disCOUNT “They discounted the theories.”

What’s better than royal rules of succession? Language things! 

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