a story completed, and some links

Well, “The Bus Station Mystery” is done, and I will admit that it took quite a bit of doing. It’s been a somewhat trying year, though things are better now, but I think it discombobulated the story somewhat. So, now that it’s done, I’m going to step back and take my time to look at it.

It’s not quite what I expected, but of course that’s not always a bad thing…

Here are some links that I’ve found interesting recently:

1) “Alexa, Where Have You Been All My Life?“: The thing that strikes me about the current acceptance of Siri and Alexa and the rest is how primitive they are now. In ten years, how will we relate to these voices?

(This part of the article did strike me funny, though:

Ms. Quinn realized the device had reached a tipping point in the collective consciousness when she was on vacation in March with some of these friends in the Dominican Republic. During a dinner, one suddenly blurted out, “Alexa, what time is it?”

Ms. Quinn was incredulous. “Wait, you brought your Alexa?” she said.

“No, I just really miss her,” the friend said.)

2) “Facebook’s war on free will“: Long, but interesting (and it kind of goes with the first one). It reminded me somewhat of the movie Ex Machina (or at least how I interpreted it). 

3) “Darren Aronofsky Says ‘Mother!’ Is About Climate Change, But He’s Wrong“: The idea of seeing the movie Mother! doesn’t really appeal to me, but I do enjoy reading all about the different interpretations people have for it. Biblical allegory, climate change metaphor, critique of how male artists often exploit the women in their lives, etc.

Of course, as we can see in the films of David Lynch, for example, there are often no definitive answers to these questions.

Which is fine.

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