i’m a sucker for stories about reporters

The Front Page/His Girl Friday. Nothing But the Truth (an underrated movie, by the way). Some others I can’t think of right now.

So, I was especially please by this in the Washington Post:

Reporter Hilde Kate Lysiak got the tip early Saturday afternoon that there was heavy police activity on Ninth Street. She hustled over with her pen and camera, as any good reporter would, and soon she posted something short online, beating all her competitors. Then, working the neighbors and the cops, she nailed down her scoop with a full-length story and this headline:


The online story not only beat the local daily paper, but she also included a short video from the crime scene, assuring viewers that “I’m working hard on this investigation.”

Then Monday came and Hilde had to go back to third grade. She is 9.

Hilde has received a lot of comments about how a girl as “cute” as her should be having tea parties or playing with dolls, but, as she says, “I think a lot of adults tell their kids they can do anything, but at the end of the day don’t actually let them do anything.”

And people may have qualms (or stronger feelings) about whether a girl of her age should be reporting on serious crime, but nobody in the articles I’ve read has criticized her actual journalism.

Hilde has also been written up in the New York Times, and she wrote a guest column in the Guardian.

On an unrelated note, I’m not that interested in dance, but I read this because the headline mentioned Agatha Christie: “Dance legend Twyla Tharp on truculent men, selling hot dogs and her idol Agatha Christie.” Here are Tharp’s thoughts about Christie:

“I’ve just found seven new mysteries that I haven’t read and I’m so grateful for them. It’s how I try to keep myself from thinking. Christie is phenomenal, she’s absolutely consistent. I always say that the structure of her mysteries is as exact as a sonnet. She has it clocked which paragraph, which page, the twist has to happen.”

I always think of that as the Alfred Hitchcock effect — the very comfortable feeling that the person telling the story is in complete command of his or her tools. It’s surprising how rare that feeling is.

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  1. SB Roberts says:

    Hilde Kate Lysiak sounds absolutely adorable. That kind of ambition will get her far. : )

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