these are a two of my favorite things

1) I don’t remember why I read this — but I’m glad I did: “And now, Conan The Librarian: 8 fictional shows, games, and books we wish were real

At first I was pleased that they mentioned eXistenZ — a movie that I was obsessed with for a while — and then I was even more excited that they also praised the book The Diamond Age. Two of my favorite things!

I wrote about eXistenZ here: (there are a whole series of connected pages linked to from there, if you don’t mind spoilers). And I wrote about The Diamond Age, or at least one specific scene, here:

2) After a process of rewriting that went on for much longer than anticipated (and which was probably longer than it needed to be — but I was having fun), “The Bus Station Mystery” is all spiffed up and improved. It’s not hugely changed (same mystery, same suspects, same solution), but expanded in several areas. More room to breathe, and to get to know the characters.

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