starting tomorrow: the marvel murder case

As I’ve written recently, this story is set somewhere back in the earlier days of Jan Sleet’s career as an intrepid gal reporter and amateur sleuth. Less baggage (at least metaphorically) and less history to explain. Which makes it easier to focus on the mystery itself, and the relationship between the great detective and her soon-to-be-long-suffering assistant.

A side note: When I wrote the first Jan Sleet mystery, I called it “The Apartment Murder Case.” This was a reference to the Philo Vance mystery novels, which were always “The [ABCDEF] Murder Case” (where the second word was always six letters — I decided not to try to be that restricted).

When I ended up writing more stories, though, this became a problem, since some of them were mysteries which did not involve murder. And, of course, if I used a different naming system for those stories, readers would know in advance whether or not to expect a murder.

So, I retroactively renamed them all to be Mysteries, rather than Murder Cases.

With this story, though, I decided to just admit up front that there will be at least one murder.

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