in which i write my way(s)

It’s always surprising to me that some writers (most writers, maybe nearly all writers) have one preferred method of writing that they stick to for years.

Me, once I decide “this is how I write now,” I pretty much immediately do something else. So, having announced that I now write on my phone, I immediately wrote several pages of my current story in a notebook. With a pen.

Which was fun, but then I remembered the big problem with pen-and-paper writing, which is that then you have to type it into the computer. Which is tedious.

So, I decided to try a dictation app for my phone. I tried Speechnotes, which actually worked pretty well. The text required some cleanup, of course, and it couldn’t handle proper names, but much easier than typing everything in (which usually requires some cleanup as well 🙂 ).

I wonder what method I’ll switch to next?

I’m definitely not writing with artificial intelligence, though. That’s just crazy, right?

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